Reducing our intake of dairy and opting for dairy free alternatives such as plant based milks can result in less inflammation, less mucus production and less adverse reactions  Excess dairy consumption can often lead to skin breakouts, allergy flare-ups, digestive issues, increased respiratory mucus which can exacerbate asthma & an increased risk of certain cancers due to certain cancer-producing hormones. Whilst home-made almond milk may not be the best substitute for increasing our calcium intake (which should be done through the consumption of other calcium rich foods), almond milk may supply us with a good source of fats, vitamin E & manganese, whilst the pulp (full of fibre & protein) can be used in other yummy recipes 


•1 ½ cups 24-hour/overnight soaked almonds

•4 cups of water

•2 medjool dates

•1 vanilla bean

•Pinch of himalayan sea salt


•Pre-soak almonds for 24 hours or overnight

•Drain and thoroughly wash almonds

 •Place almond into a blender

•Add 1 scraped vanilla bean to blender

•Add 2 pitted medjool dates into blender

•Add 4 cups of water (filtered if possible)

•Buzz until a creamy milk is made 

•Add this milk to smoothies, breakfast cereals or add 1 tbs of cacao and heat up 
into a hot chocolate!

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