Taylor Steet is a fully qualified & registered Melbourne based Nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Medicine.

Taylor is a passionate nutritionist who works alongside clients experiencing a wide range of health conditions.

As a natural health practitioner, Taylor supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the use of non-toxic therapies. Taylor focuses on using food as medicine, to help prevent and treat disease. Through 1-on-1 consultations Taylor digs deep into your health history, taking into account all aspects of your life which may be contributing to poor or sub-optimal states of health.

Along with dietary modification, Taylor and her patients work together to adjust and tweak lifestyle choices, along with using high quality & extensively studied nutritional supplements to help achieve desired health results, restoring the body back to its desired state of harmony.

As your practitioner Taylor's focus is to help educate! you about nutrition and the effects of certain dietary & lifestyle choices. Recognising not one size fits all, Taylor personalises and tailors treatment plans help assist you and your lifestyle accordingly.


Taylor works in gut health, cardiovascular health, endocrine health, women’s health, immune health and pre-conception care.

Taylor offers functional testing to help identify underlying causes of poor health as well as to help prevent disease.

Together, you and Taylor will work towards your health goals and aim to get you back to optimal health and wellness.


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TAYLOR STEET - The nutritionist for busy and overworked individuals looking to restore their health


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